Face The Beat: Session 6

neuer Teil der Compilation Serie des belgischen Kult Magazines Side Line erschienen.
Dieses Mal auch mit am Start der 3. Stock mit dem Stück „Auf die Zeit“. Daneben befinden sich noch weitere 139 Songs !!

Die Compilation ist als name your price download hier erhältlich.

Face the Beat vol 6  Compilation

Side-Line Reviews zu . Stock Links – Hinter Der Türen (Album – King ZaZa)

3. Stock Links - Hinter den Türen

Side-Line Reviews

  1. Stock Links – Hinter Der Türen (Album – King ZaZa)
    Genre/Influences: Electro-Wave.
    Format: Digital.
    Background/Info: 3. Stock Links is a project set up by Alexander Schillinger. This German artist got involved in different bands and was also a label owner (Soundbuster Productions). “Hinter Der Türen” is the debut full length of his 3. Stock Links project.
    Content: This album directly reminds me of German electro-wave productions from the 90s. The songs have been supported by dark atmospheres. The production has something retro-like, but still revealing some minimalism in the repetitive sequences, sometimes becoming a tiny experimental. The tracks are driven by slow rhythms while all vocals have been sung in German.

+ + : The work reveals a few exciting songs, which are mainly characterized by vintage sound treatments reminding me of the great German electro-scene from the 90s. The dark sphere hanging over the tracks has something intriguing. “Auf Die Zeit” and “Gestern” both are the main attention grabbers while “S Wird So Aussehen” is a noticeable minimal song.

– – : The mix of the album could be better and it probably symbolizes the global production, which is missing some professionalism.
Conclusion: I think this is the kind of project that has to improve numerous details of the production, but you clearly can hear this project has its own sound approach and some potential.
Best songs: Auf Die Zeit”, “Gestern”.
Rate: (6).

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